Customer Retention Systems and Tools

Excellent Service Is Not Enough!

Turning the one-time visitor into a repeat customer is essential to the success of every business. When you do this you not only increase your revenue and reduce your costs but you grow as well. It's important that this is approached with intent. But when I ask owners what they do to achieve this the answer is always along the lines of "We provide great service." There are 2 problems with this answer...

  • All your competitors are also focused on providing great service.
  • It's too vague - and vague doesn't get you repeatable results.

Getting high customer retention requires a system. A process which can be repeated, shown to others, and (maybe) even automated. Creating such a system relieves you of worry that every customer interaction could go wrong. It frees you to focus on resolving real issues rather than guessing at whether your customers are going to spread good or bad stories about you.

Getting the process right requires work, but the benefits are worth it...

Increased Revenue

Repeat customers not only spend more over their lifetime but each individual transaction tends to be worth more as well.

Reduced Costs

When you no longer need to spend money replacing customers, when your existing customers spread the word to others, you can cut your costs and still grow.

Strong Foundation

The foundation of your business is repeatability. Repeat customers and the processes that form the structure of your business itself.

Ease Of Mind

When you know that your business is automatically doing everything to keep customers coming back you can relax. You know it’s building a strong foundation and growing, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere.

Free Time

A process gives you back time. Because this key area of your business is runnning automatically you no longer neeed to run around responding to constant crises.


Every business has external forces. When the bad times come a business with a strong custoemr retention process is perfectly placed to ride them out.

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Creating A Customer Retention Process

Though businesses owners think customer retention is (rightly) about great customer service, they often wrongly believe this is too personal to be made into a system. But this is far from the truth. In fact good service requires 3 things...


Communication is too often a one-way street within business. We say we want to listen to the customer but we do it on our terms.

Whether it's treating treat channels such as Instagram and Twitter as broadcasts or asking for feedback through complicated and time-consuming surveys the truth is that most businesses don't know what their customers think or want.

The key part to retaining the customer is to get that communication from as many customers as possible as often as possible.


Getting the communication going is all well and good, but will you actually do anything with it?

When you have information coming in from all your customers you are at risk of being swamped. But remember, knowing what the customer actually wants and not just what you think he wants is critical to keeping them coming back. So you need to have an easy way to convert this information into something you can work with.

Of course the different ways the communication comes in means that you won't be able to do this in once way. You need a system that can adapt to handle each channels unique methods.


Alright, I'm lumping in a couple of areas under this heading. But what I mean is that you have to be consistent in providing the sort of service the customer wants. One bad incident can be enough to turn a customer away, especially if it's their first visit.

So you have to be consistent in turning the information you received into action, you have to be consistent in carrying out those actions, and you have to consistently monitor the customers sentiment to ensure that you are doing this and that the situation hasn't changed.

That requires a system.

When you consider these steps it's not hard to see that they are not only amenable to a process but actually require one. Without it you are going to slip up in some area. But with it you can be consistent - and also free up time to focus on the things that really matter in your business.

How We Help

Defining a customer retention process that best suits your business can range from creating a checklist to writing custom software and everything in between. Fortunately we have a range of tools and expertise at our disposal.

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