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We all like to think we provide good or even great service. But the truth is, if you’re not getting feedback on that service, you’re probably working on areas that most of your customers really don’t care about. After all it’s only the minority of cranks who are most likely to volunteer information.

In fact research by Oracle showed that while 60% of businesses think they’re providing great customer service only 20% of their customers agree.

Those businesses were spending time and money working on areas their customers didn’t care about. And at the same time they were neglecting the areas that were important.

That’s a recipe for stress and bankruptcy.

This is where Sentiment comes in.

Sentiment is a way to understand how your customers feel and put it in a form that you can act on. It’s simple and you’ve probably seen something like it at airports, Ikea, sports stadiums etc. In our case we’ve replaced the custom terminal with a web page that you can load onto any tablet or phone, but the principal remains the same - making it simple for a customer to give feedback.

We do something similar but with a focus on reducing stress and unnecessary actions.

The Early Warning System For Your Business.

The problem for businesses is that most customers don’t give any feedback at all. Even those who have a bad experience don’t bother. In fact it’s really only the “professional cranks” and the very happy who do. And that’s a big problem.

If you only get feedback from that small minority you don’t actually know if your business is going to survive. In fact it could be dying without you knowing.

Just imagine if 85% of your customers were simply satisfied with you. Satisfied is not loyal and it takes very little to convince them to go to a competitor. Now, what happens if they slowly become a little bot more disenchanted with you. The number returning very slowly reduces - until it suddenly becomes a rout. You may disguise this by advertising for new customers but that costs money and, if nothing changes, they won’t return either.

So you need to monitor how the majority of your customers feel simply so you can take action in time. Sentiment gives you a way to do this and understand immediately if things start to deteriorate.

How Sentiment Makes Feedback Easy

You will only get feedback from all your customers if you make it easy for them to give. Sentiment does this by making it fast and convenient.

How does it work? You place one or more terminals in your premises at places like checkouts, exits etc. The customer simply taps the screen and they're done. You've seen the idea in large businesses, probably as big smiley buttons.

What Sentiment does is allow you to use tablets or phones and to place as many of them as you need across your premises. This flexibility to adapt and to place terminals in awkward places is one of our key points since it makes it easier than ever to get the feedback you need.

Now you may think that three options don't tell you much. And on an individual level that's true. But this is new information from the 95% of your customers you've never heard from before and that makes the difference. Because now you have a way to collect all their feelings and understand if you are providing the service you want to deliver.

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There's not much point in having a large stream of data if you can't figure out what it means or if it takes hours to analyse. That's why Sentiment produces a single report for you on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. In this report we give you the raw numbers but we also crunch those to calculate your Sentiment Rating.

This is an easy way to understand at a glance how you're doing.

There's nothing for you to remember to login and check, and you won't be stressed by seeing the stats change when the numbers are low.

Instead you consider the numbers when they're ready. If they're good you continue with what you're doing and if they're dropping you have time to investigate further and fix the issues.

And because it's regular you can easily compare to the previous period or to the same period in previous years.

Is Sentiment For Me?

Sentiment has been designed for any business that physically interacts with more than a handful of customers every day. If you have any dealings with customers who you do not intimately know then you can benefit from Sentiment. It might seem like there’s not much you can learn from just a simple button click but knowing what the silent majority of your customers really think - as opposed to what you think they think - is eye-opening.

Sentiment works great for businesses such as any retail, restaurants, hotels, spa’s, hairdressers, and banks. But because it can be used on a phone it also gives great insight for more mobile businesses such as coaches, taxi’s, plumbers and tour guides. It’s also ideal for those displaying at fairs, markets and exhibitions.

In short if you are not getting the feedback you need it will be a benefit to your business.

Sentiment Pricing



Receive up to 6,000 responses per month.That's an average of 200 per day, seven days a week.
This is ideal for 70% of businesses.



Receive up to 18,000 responses per month.That's an average of 600 per day, seven days a week.
This covers 85% of businesses.



Receive up to 60,000 responses per month.That's an average of 2,000 per day, seven days a week.
This is for extremely busy premises.

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We’re confident that you will see the value and benefit. So try it free for 30 days and at the end of that time we’ll send you the link to the final payment page. Only make your decision on whether to subscribe after you’ve had he chance to see how it really help you.

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So that’s what Sentiment does. You’ve seen the same idea in large organisations like airports and now we bring the flexibility to allow smaller businesses to also get the same benefits.

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