More Frequent Customer Sentiment Reports Now Available.

March 9, 2020

One of the key aims of Sentiment is to remove stress from business owners and managers. We do this is by makingMonthly reporting is no longer the only option in Sentiment. Today weekly and even daily reporting is available for those businesses who need it, though monthly remains the default since it is the optimal frequency for most businesses.

Sentiment makes it simple for customers to provide feedback on how they feel about their experience. This allows the business to be sure they are working on the things that matter to their customers. But there is a risk. Getting constant customer feedback becomes overwhelming and leads to knee-jerk reactions that may not be ideal for the business.

We want to use this data to reduce your stress, not increase it. Which is why we hide the real-time data and provide you with regular reports. By doing this you can take the time to step back and assess whether things are good or need work. It allows you to think more tactically and strategically.

When I started Sentiment I chose a monthly schedule because I believed this provided the best results for most people. It allows enough feedback to make sense and not be overly influenced by one or two bad results. And it’s a discrete period of time that allows comparison with previous periods.

And this remains the case for 80% of businesses out there, those who get feedback from 500 or fewer customers per day.

But I’ve also been hearing from businesses that have more customers than that. They believe, rightly, that with feedback from 700 or more customers a day, waiting a month for the information is unnecessary.

So today we are introducing the option of weekly and daily reports.

  • Weekly reports work well for businesses getting between 500 and 1,000 customers per day.
  • Daily reports are really only appropriate for businesses getting feedback from more than 1,000 customers per day.
  • Monthly reports remain the default and are optimal for the majority of businesses.

The ability to choose the frequency of the report opens Sentiment to more organisations while also maintaining it’s accessibility for smaller ones.

When a businesses signs up they are now given the opportunity to select which frequency works best for them. Of course this can be changed later. Existing clients are being informed of the options individually along with our recommendation for which option works best for them. As I said the vast majority will be recommended to stay on the monthly cycle.


In the article I linked to above I make the case for why real-time data is not a great idea for any but 2% of businesses. It simply does not make sense to track numbers in real time if you get less than 10,000 people over a few hours. It’s just a distraction that can be very misleading.

However the monthly reporting for all was not optimal either and the new options make Sentiment more relevant to more businesses. If you are an existing client who wishes to change your frequency we will be in touch soon. Of course feel free to contact us earlier if you wish!

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